Pratersauna Vienna Exhibition 
In the wake of changing lease and a big reconstruction of the famed club Pratersauna, the aim was to capture photographic evidence and bare witness to the leftovers of hedonistic extravanganza. This body of work is exhibited in the “new” Pratersauna club.

Book Projekt Most Likely Suddenworkshop

The Sudden Workshop is a mobile workshop and tool for the collective reactivation of the city`s unused spaces. The temporary spatial interventions and prototypes demonstrates the potential of a shared city and collectively maintained spaces. The book gives an insight into the cosmos of the sudden workshop by documenting our mission to activate public space in collaborative building actions. The realized projects were prototypes for new typologies which we defined as the open market, the open workshop, the open kitchen and the open centers of new work. These typologies manifest an open city model which we call the „common space city“. Next to this urban theory it assembles unique furniture designs, prototypes, photographs and texts. The furnitures – from chairs and tables to modular cityscapes – were further developed and enhanced to DIY manuals, which can be downloaded in the Download section. An exclusive feature of the book is the. „Wiener Werkstadt Kollektion“, which was created in cooperation with 18 Viennese architects, designers and artists.

-Author Mark Neuner

Austrian House of Parliament
Presse Schaufenster magazine story before the big renovation of the famed “Parlament” with portraits of various political jounalists.

Fluid Bodies ‐ casting without formwork

Artistic research project funded by the FWF PEEK and supervised by Klaus Bollinger
at the Art & Science Departement of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

‘Fluid Bodies’ addresses those desires and channels them on to a widespread building material: concrete. Concrete is solid, yet at its very origin it is a fluid building material that can take on every imaginable body and shape. The aim is to empower processual casting methods and to establish an alphabet of fluid bodies, that explores this simple but radical paradigm, and allows to explore volumetric formations by means of  casting experimentation. By crossing between disciplines like architecture, fashion design, structural design and sculpture the goal is to compile a series of methods, and produce an array of casted prototypes that  reach from small scale models to larger objects and explore alternative ways of producing, orchestrating  shaping & reinforcing cast forms. We thereby challenge conventional formwork concepts and locked material assumptions with a transdisciplinary approach.